In our standardized workshops, we offer both beginners and advanced users insights into various sub-areas of the software with different topics of focus. These include the areas Universe, Analytics and Reporting as well as specific modules on accounting logic or the particularities of mapping asset classes in QPLIX.



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Our workshops are generally offered in German. You are looking for events in English? Feel free to reach out to us, and we will gladly provide personalized advice.


AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will have a thorough understanding of the software's key features. will be familiar with all available support options. will have a comprehensive knowledge of the Universe's basic functions. will grasp the relationship between Security and Investment. will comprehend the concept of Common Properties. will be able to create a group structure.

AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying accounting logic in QPLIX and know which software

   areas are involved in its configuration. will grasp the structure and functionality of account ranges. will become familiar with the transaction mask and transaction record. will comprehend the concept of entry types. will be able to find, check, and modify transactions. will be skilled in linking documents (such as transaction records) to their respective transactions.

AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will have a comprehensive understanding of the functions within the Analytics section. will navigate confidently within the Allocation Analytics Tool. will grasp the significance of the "Preset" concept for your analyses and reports. will know how to share and manage presets in QPLIX. will be able to make ad-hoc changes to existing evaluations, as well as add and remove metrics. will have the ability to create simple evaluations and understand the fundamental concepts for producing

   accurate analyses.

AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will master all the essential functions of the Analytics section. will have a deep understanding of both general and specific metric options, allowing you to utilize

   them effectively for your evaluations. will comprehend the workings of the QPLIX formula metric, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate

   it into your analyses. will be knowledgeable in creating benchmarks in QPLIX and understand the necessary preset configurations

   to sensibly integrate them into your evaluations.



AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will have a comprehensive understanding of the Reporting section and its core functions. will grasp the significance of the Preset concept when creating report templates. will gain the ability to independently create and generate reports. will be familiar with the specific considerations when using Presets for reporting. will be knowledgeable about the various options for distributing reports within and outside of QPLIX. will comprehend the concepts of Iterators and Sub templates and how they can be utilized to enhance

   the flexibility of your reports. (optional)

AFTER THIS WORKSHOP will be able to (manually) create stocks, bonds, real estate, and private equity funds (including master data) in QPLIX. will have an understanding of how data and market updates are supplied in QPLIX. will be familiar with the unique characteristics of real estate and closed-end funds in QPLIX. will be able to (manually) record basic transactions for these assets. will know how to analyze these asset classes on an ad hoc basis and in reports.



Our standard workshops are conducted remotely using the user-friendly platform WebinarGeek, which requires no installation. Simply sign up for the desired workshops and you will automatically receive a link to join at the start of the event. During the workshop we guarantee absolute anonymity, allowing you to place your questions anytime within a private chat.

To make the most of the event, we recommend using two screens. One screen can be used to follow the presentation, while the other screen allows you to perform tasks in the QPLIX training system. This way, you can directly apply the theoretical content and practice effectively.

We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why you not only get access to the live event, but also to the recording of the workshop. It doesn't matter if you actually attended the live workshop - you will have the opportunity to easily access the recording through your registration link after the event. This link will be available to you for 30 days, allowing you to review the content at your own pace.

Sign up now for our workshops and take advantage of the interactive learning environment and the flexibility to review the workshop according to your needs. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you further develop your QPLIX knowledge.



  • 2hrs     120,00 € pp

  • 3hrs     180,00 € pp

*Workshop invoices are issued monthly based on the workshops booked in the respective month. The rates quoted are net and do not include the legally owed value-added tax, if applicable. Contractual partners who are still in their onboarding phase will be charged the amount with the starter package.


  • Participation in the Live Workshop

  • Access to a QPLIX training system (with an anonymous user ID) that will remain available to you for an additional 30 days after the event

  • 30 days of access to the event recording

  • Receipt of the workshop materials, including all practice exercises used during the event


Do you have any questions or need more information? Feel free to reach out to us.

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